Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct defines our ethics in relations the team, customers and attitude to our work. Strict adherence to the Code of Conduct gives our team the organizational and ideological unity necessary for development.

Code of Conduct is a system of principles that make the foundation of business in our company.

Our values include:

– Honesty and integrity in dealing with clients and colleagues;
– Responsibility for each task performed;
– Professional organization of work.

Chapter 1: Honesty and integrity in dealing with clients and colleagues.

1.1. The basis of our success is achievement of complete mutual trust.

1.2. Trust is based on regard and respect to interests of all people we need to communicate and work as a team.

1.3. No personal or professional interests cannot be higher than respect and trust to clients and colleagues.

1.4. When making commitments, we make every effort to implement them in the best way.

1.5. We work to the best interests of our clients and colleagues, since our objectives can only be achieved through the teamwork.

1.6. A commitment to the team always prevails over personal interests and commitments.

1.7. Information and communication are the best means to prevent possible risks and to settle arising problems.

1.8. Whatever the outcome or the process of our work could be, when dealing with clients and colleagues, we always keep respect to people we communicate with in the course of our duties.

Chapter 2: Responsibility for each task performed.

2.1. We are collective responsible for any actions of the team.

2.2. In relations with clients and colleagues, there are no unimportant things. Fulfillment of any even smallest obligation establishes trust, and the failure to do so destroys it.

2.3. Building the team, and assuming responsibility requires an understanding of the areas and limits of liability within the assumed obligations.

Chapter 3: Professional organization of work.

3.1. In each case, we set clear and understandable goals and objectives, which we pursue to achieve.

3.2. We work to yield results.

3.3. Our actions have professional motivation, which is clear and understandable for our entire team.

3.4. Any of our actions may be subject to internal control and quality control of the teamwork.

3.5. We clearly define our scope of competence when solving any professional issue.

3.6. Our actions and decisions are competent to the extent they are recognized as such by the team, our clients and colleagues.

3.7. Our knowledge and experience need to systematized and studied in order to prevent potential problems and prevent their re-occurrence.

3.8. The basis of our expertise is permanent self-improvement and self-development.