Labour & Migration Law

The current labour legislation is a set of various acts, adopted in different times and social and economic environments. This sophisticates understanding of labour regulation.

Duly formalized labour relations and comprehensive issues dedicated to efficient management of human resources, prevent business from many problems at every development stage.

We arrange legal support taking into account needs of clients everyday activities and effective doing business, covering regular HR matters, strategic planning and risk management.

Our services include the following:

  1. Drafting HR documentation, bringing it into compliance with effective legislation and internal policy, namely:
  • Drafting employment agreements and contracts;
  • Registration of employment agreements;
  • Drafting and registration of collective bargaining agreements;
  • Drafting job description, staff schedule, statements on structural units, orders, decrees and other HR documentation.
  1. Advising on employment matters, remuneration, social benefits and guarantees, work time and vacation time, redundancy, assurance of employment, etc.
  2. Advising with respect to mobilization:
  • Regulation of labour relations between employer and requisitioned employee;
  • Rights and guarantees of requisitioned personnel;
  • Issues of mobilization of auto transport;
  • Responsibility for violations of mobilization regulations.
  1. Employment of foreign citizens and obtainment of employment permits.
  2. Representation of clients in individual and collective employment disputes.
  3. Business restructuring due to changes in organization of production and labour, redundancies, reorganization or liquidation of a company.
  4. Labour law compliance due diligence.

Our lawyers are often invited by leading businesses for handling labour disputes, including renewal at the working place, compensation for moral harm, etc. We have experience in representing employees and state officials, whose right were violated within their labour activity or dismissal.