“How a start-up can enter the market of Poland and EU”: Andrii Romanchuk participated on-line meeting on February 26

On February 26 the ISE Corporate Accelerator hosted an online meeting “How a start-up can enter the market of Poland and EU”. One of the key speakers of it was Andrii Romanchuk, Head of EUCON office in Warsaw, Attorney at law.

Mr. Romanchuk shared with the participants his practical experience of legal support of start-ups in Poland, in particular, noting that Poland has many profitable funding programs for start-ups, as well as receives significant financial resources from EU funds on fairly favourable terms.

He mentioned that there are rather interesting and beneficial regional instruments at the level of województwo. Besides, Andrii Romanchuk explained that it is relatively easier to raise finance in Poland for a start-up, rather than in Ukraine.

Separately, the expert paid attention to the peculiarities and possible difficulties of the procedure for establishing a legal entity in Poland.

As for additional financing and grants for startups Mr. Romanchuk emphasized that in Poland there are various available ones and there are plenty of ways to get them, especially it is true for the eastern part of the country where the market is just developing and where the number of such programs is greater.